The Absolute Best Sandwich to Eat at Your Desk

Via New York Magazine

Via New York Magazine

What does the gourmet desk jockey look for in a sandwich? Neatness counts. Careful construction is key. Slopfest sandwiches of the type you eat over the sink at three in the morning are out. You don’t want unwieldy garnishes and crumbly bits spilling all over the place and onto your keypad. Forget about tortas and triple deckers, and unless you bale hay, move pianos, or unload cargo ships for a living, don’t even think about roast-beef-mozzarella-and-gravy heros. Minimalism is the ticket. A $28 2nd Ave Deli combo might be a beautiful thing, but the postprandial bloat it induces will kill your afternoon productivity. Which is not to say that flavor and satisfaction and the joie de vivre that comes with having tucked into an excellent sandwich are off the table. As proof, here are 11 takeout specimens that will leave you energized yet sated and your desk spotless.

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