living without dying,
they had planned it but have cancelled the plan,

red blood, growing luxuriantly, bloom-like,
spreading profusely, spreading
on the surface of the soil,

never die,
farm owner should die before I die,
god will die before I die.

Source: Dokosi, O. B. Herbs of Ghana. Accra: Published for Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Ghana by Ghana Universities, 1998.

img_5170 Dave Snyder is a writer and farmer whose poems, essays and criticism have appeared in Best American Poetry, Gastronomica, Colorado Review, The Iowa Review and elsewhere. He runs a biointensive vegetable farm for Pisticci Restaurant in New York City. Previously, he managed a workplace training farm in Chicago and has worked as an English teacher, radio producer and cartographer.

featured image via Stefano Peppucci on Flickr.

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