Don’t Call It ‘The New Ramen’: Why Pho Is Central To Vietnamese Identity



The soup’s crossover from Asian enclaves into the mainstream is surely what inspired the editors of Bon Appétit to launch last week’s ill-fated instructional video for eating pho. By now, you may have heard of the debacle: The magazine invited a non-Asian chef to explain the differences between ramen, another popular Asian noodle soup, and pho and to share his best-practices for how to eat the noodle soup. They pitched the video as a public service announcement: “PSA: This is How You Should be Eating Pho.” Encouraging the food-obsessed to follow their lead, they declared that “Pho Is the New Ramen.” The video went viral — but for all the wrong reasons. The backlash — accusations of cultural appropriation and imperialism — caused a virtual boil over. Bon Appétit quickly removed the video and issued an apology. (You can still see the video here.)

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