2016’s Song of the Summer Is an Ice Cream Cone Held Up In Front of a Wall

Via thefashionmedley on Instagram

Via thefashionmedley on Instagram

This photo style isn’t new, of course, but somehow this seems to have been the summer that it hit critical mass. It’s nearly impossible to flick through Instagram without running into some variation on the theme — sometimes they’re cups instead of cones, sometimes it’s an out-of-focus sunset instead of a wall, sometimes it’s a popsicle! — but to honor the close of ice cream season (which, yes, in our hearts is never-ending, but according to the man it’s about to be Labor Day weekend and we need to all start pulling ourselves together and thinking about braises and root vegetables), here’s a roundup of some exemplars of summer’s coolest food photo.

Lick on at Eater.

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