Meet the Vegetable: Mirliton, a Hearty, Stuffable Squash

Via Modern Farmer

Via Modern Farmer

Say hello to mirliton, which is the Louisiana-fied name of the gourd more commonly known as the chayote. Mirliton is crunchy when raw or pickled, somewhat like a starchy apple, with a very mild (ok, some may call it bland) flavor that lands somewhere close to a zucchini.

The mirliton is a member of the cucurbit squash family, and is the fruit of a heavy, hearty vine that loves to climb. It’s unique: rather than plant seeds, you plunk the entire vegetable in the ground since vines won’t sprout without the flesh—in fact new plants will sometimes begin to grow directly from the vegetables while they’re still on the vine.

Read on about some uses and the origins of the mirlitron, or chayote, or  ichintal, or Sechium edule at Modern Farmer.

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