After three months of (im)patiently waiting, cinnamon bun-flavored Oreos are finally here: The cookies hit grocery store shelves on Monday. With cinnamon-flavored cookies sandwiching “cinnamon bun and frosting flavored creme,” they’re designed to taste “fresh-from-the-oven” — which seems awfully ambitious for cookies that will probably travel hundreds or thousands of miles before making their way to your mouth.

This week also sees the triumphant return of red velvet Oreos, which were launched last year around Valentine’s Day. Each specialty flavor package retails for $4.49. A rep for the brand says both flavors will be available as ongoing additions to the Oreo lineup, so crazed fans won’t have to squirrel away their stashes underneath their floorboards. The release kicks off a year of specialty flavors as part of a new Oreo marketing campaign called the “Wonder Vault.”

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