Laura Martin, via Munchies
Laura Martin, via Munchies

“Eh…” says The London Nutritionist dietician Jo Travers (who I’m paraphrasing ever so slightly). Shortly before sticking a Be On 1 patch on the inside of my left arm for my own experimental bender, I’m getting the lowdown from her on what exactly the benefits of these sticky squares could be.

“Yes, drinking alcohol can potentially deplete B vitamins a bit, but an actual thiamin deficiency only occurs with alcoholism,” Travers explains. “This is because alcohol can damage the lining of the stomach, which can affect the absorption of nutrients but also it can damage the liver where the B vitamins are processed. But there’s no real evidence that just taking vitamin B1 would make you feel better, it’s likely to be a whole range of vitamins you’re likely to be depleted in. But if you have a healthy and varied diet anyway, you should be already covered for this. Plus, there’s no immediate effect that you would feel from having a boost of vitamin B1.”

The good news is I’m not an alcoholic (well, not now it’s January, anyway) so in theory, I shouldn’t really have a necessity for a trans-dermal application of thiamin. Nevertheless, I start my all-day session with a Bloody Mary and an arm patch.

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