Photo by Philip Reeves/NPR, via The Salt.
Photo by Philip Reeves/NPR, via The Salt.

Six months ago Mumtaz, 38, took over as operations director of the Punjab Food Authority, a government agency tasked with ensuring that the food served to Pakistan’s most populous province is hygienic and unadulterated.

Punjab has a population that is more than double that of California. Lahore, the provincial capital, has a vast array of food outlets, as you’d expect in a city whose relish for food is legendary.

“If I were to point my finger at the No. 1 favorite social activity of Lahories, it is to go out and eat,” says Lahore-born academic and musician Taimur Rahman. “It is more important than music. It’s more important than politics. For Lahories, I think they live for food.”

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