Live in the city? Well the city needs bio-swales too!

foodnews 11.19.2015 bioswales

Many farmers and gardeners have heard the term bio-swale, but the exact definition—much less how and why to build one—is elusive for most. To get right to the point, a bio-swale is basically a fancy type of ditch that used for controlling erosion and conserving moisture in the soil. It also creates a rich, moist planting area for perennial crops, like fruit trees, and berries.

Unlike a typical drainage ditch, a bio-swale is perfectly level, meaning water that flows into it from uphill doesn’t flow in one direction or another—instead, a bio-swale fills up like a bathtub during a big rainstorm; afterward, the water slowly seeps into the soil where it is available for crops planted nearby.

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