photo by Dexter HP, via Munchies
photo by Ngoc’s Creation, via Munchies

For more than two decades, the Massachusetts-based company AquaBounty has been developing a genetically modified salmon that cuts the production cycle of market-weight salmon in half, from 32 to 36 months to a much shorter span of 16 to 18 months. The super salmon are produced using a Chinook salmon growth hormone gene and a gene from an ocean pout—a visually unappealing eel-type fish—which are injected into fertilized wild salmon eggs.

AquaBounty’s salmon, officially named AquAdvantage Salmon, has been waiting for FDA approval for 20 years, and recently the company seemed to have made a significant step toward human consumption of their salmon when the government of Canada approved an egg production facility in Prince Edward Island. Now, a Canadian federal court will hear appeals as to why the facility is a risk to the environment and the plans should be overturned.

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