What Your Diet Would Look Like Without Bees

Jack Wolf, via Grist

Jack Wolf, via Grist

But it is true? Pacific Standard’s Brian Palmer looked into just how fucked we would be if all the bees disappeared, and concludes that without bees, “life would be nasty, brutish, and short” — not to mention less delicious. But if you get into the specifics, there are a lot of crops that actually don’t need bees for pollination. Take grains, for instance. Grain pollen is spread primarily by wind, and so grain-based foods like bread, sweets, cereal, and pasta don’t actually need bees and their sticky feet for reproduction. Nor do sugarcane or sugar beets. This means that sodas, cakes, cookies, donuts, cronuts, pizza, booze, breads, Pop-Tarts, and grain-eating animals like chicken could all survive in a post-bee world. Basically, our junk food will be safe.

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