Daniel Oines, Flickr, via Modern Farmer
Daniel Oines, Flickr, via Modern Farmer

According to recent studies, the number of people choosing to live alone has been steadily rising since the 1920s. And why not? Living alone can be very fun! But it turns out that if you value your health, there are many reasons not to do it.

We’ve been seeing a steady stream of studies examining the health problems that can arise from living alone; a study from 2013 found a higher mortality rate, for example. New research from the Queensland Institute of Technology in Australia takes a more granular look at a subject that’s of special interest to us: the diets of the solitary. And the findings aren’t good.

The research, which is focused on solo Australians, is, according to the authors, the first comprehensive study to examine the links between living alone and diet. It found that people who live alone tend to have a much lower diversity of food, and especially problematically, tend to have much lower intake of fruits and vegetables.

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