Do You Take Your Coffee With Salt?

Bradley P. Johnson, Flickr, via Modern Farmer

Bradley P. Johnson, Flickr, via Modern Farmer

The addition of salt to foods that historically haven’t boasted it has skyrocketed in the last decade: salted caramel, salted chocolate, salted ice cream. But there’s a newer one bubbling up just under the surface of the food world: salted coffee. I tried it to find out how it tastes.

In desserts, where it’s now an essential element, salt both balances and brings out the sweetness of already-sweet elements. But in coffee, it takes on another role entirely. Serious Eats finds it to be a way to mitigate the bitterness of over-brewed coffee. Alton Brown put up a recipe on the Food Network’s website for an embarrassingly named “Man Coffee,” which includes a pinch of salt. And Bustle recently gave it a shot, stirring table salt into a cup of brewed coffee to see how it tastes.

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