The USDA Farm Income Forecast: Not So Good

From Farm to Factory:  While our general impression of farming tends to center around food production, farms contribute to many other aspects of our lives as well.  Farming provides the raw materials for many of our everyday necessities from the clothes we wear to the houses we live in.  These historical photographs from the National Agricultural Library’s Emerson Brooks Collection show a few of the many places where the farm meets the factory to supply the needs of the American people.

via Modern Farmer

The USDA’s newest Farm Income Forecast is bleak. Income will be down. Prices of milk will be down. Payments from the government will skyrocket. Everything, basically, will be going down the tubes. And here, bizarrely, is a quote from USDA secretary Tom Vilsack: “Today’s farm income forecast is heartening for all Americans.” What’s going on here?

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