foodnews 8.26.2015 root vegetables

Are you looking for ways to store all the colorful carrots at farmers markets right now? Are you trying to lengthen the life span of the the bounty of kohlrabi from your CSA? Or are you looking for a way to save some of the artichokes on sale at the grocery? Maybe some of these tips can help you along your way.

One of the greatest challenges of gardening has nothing to do with growing crops—it’s making use of all the food you grow before it goes bad. After laboring all summer to produce a bountiful harvest, now is time to figure out how to preserve your harvest for the lean months ahead.

Canning, drying and freezing works for many vegetables, but root crops are best preserved ‘as-is’ in a cool, humid place. Now that root cellars are largely a thing of the past, a bit of improvisation may be in order.

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How to Store Root Crops for Winter

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