Illustrations by Jason O'Malley, via Lucky Peach
Illustrations by Jason O’Malley, via Lucky Peach

How many of you remember your science teachers’ names, let alone the contributions to science made by folks like Maillard, Gay-Lussac (hehe, we said “gay”), and Boyle? Not us. That was the dilemma we faced when we chose a yearbook concept for our first cookbook. We couldn’t have a yearbook without geeky science club–style contributions. We remembered the lessons we learned from courses at the Department of Health—but stuff from twenty-five years ago? That was another story.

For that, we turned to our dear friend Kim Brisack. Kim is an honest-to-goodness, goggles-and-lab-coat-wearing, laboratory-working, globetrotting, foreign-language-speaking scientist. For all we know, she could be up on the International Space Station this very moment, curing cancer in zero Gs. She helped us understand the basic scientific principles happening in the kitchen that the home cook may know nothing about. They became our book’s Science Club sidebars, and we’re sharing them here because, as the saying goes, the more you know!

Read the rest on Lucky Peach, reprinted from Big Gay Ice Cream.

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