Lobster Beer?

Photo by Flicker user Anders Pearson, via Modern Farmer

Photo by Flicker user Anders Pearson, via Modern Farmer

Lobster rolls, lobster boils, steamed lobster, grilled lobster … lobster beer?

There are dozens of ways to prepare this crustacean, and Mainers have certainly tried more than most. But one Maine company, Oxbow Brewing, is trying something nobody has tried before: They’re actually brewing a lobster-infused beer.

It’s called “Saison dell’Aragosta” (“aragosta” is Italian for lobster) and is a special seasonal offering. The ale made by boiling whole Maine lobsters in “sweet wort,” a mixture of water, malt and grain, made before adding the hops. After the lobsters are cooked, they’re hauled out of the sweet wort (and, according to The Boston Globe, promptly eaten). After the crustaceans are picked clean, their shells, which still retain a great deal of lobster flavor, are added back to the sweet wort, along with some Maine sea salt.

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