The Story Behind Henderson’s Relish

Sean Platford, via Munchies

Sean Platford, via Munchies

Unlike most devotees, my journey into the depths of Henderson’s Relish, the murky, brown condiment produced in Sheffield since the 19th century, didn’t begin around the family dinner table dousing sausage and mash with “Hendo’s.”

It started in reverse—one Saturday morning two years ago with a weekend supplement on my lap—when I read that Arctic Monkeys’ drummer Matt Helders stocks up on this little-known sauce every time he returns to Sheffield.

It popped up again the following week. I tucked into a vegan Yorkshire toad in the hole at my local pub before realising, half-way through, that the gravy was Henderson’s. It was tasty, and after one umami-infused bite, I knew I had to finish the whole plate.

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