It’s Finally Here: The Taco Emoji

For some reason, the world already has a corn emoji, a chestnut emoji, and even emojis for every flower imaginable. Today, however, we were blessed with news that we will finally be granted the almighty, heavily anticipated taco emoji. There have been petitionsFacebook groupspissed off blog posts, and understandable pleas from the Taco Bell Twitter accountdemanding one, and the moment, my dear friends, has come. Pass the hot sauce.

Hard-shell and soft-shell fans alike can rejoice and join hands in what will surely be regarded as a major milestone in societal progress. Maybe one day, we’ll also have a flour tortilla taco emoji, but for now we’ll have to take what we can get and give the edge to those who prefer theirs crispy.

Read the rest on Munchies.

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