Mystery Cake Sparks Internet Imagination


The large, white frosting-laden cake, emblazoned with red balloons and the words “Congratulations Matt & Pete on the office romance,” was spotted by passerby Amy Hopkins, who uploaded a photo to Facebook.

“I thought perhaps someone in the office had made it as a joke to poke fun at two lads, ‘Matt and Pete,’ who were particularly good friends,” she told The Daily Mail yesterday, after the photo received over one thousand shares and comments.

But Amy, look at the force with which that iced monolith has been shoved in the bin. Imagine the pain and hot tears you’d have been gulping back to dump a delicious, two-tiered, beribboned baked good in a scummy Covent Garden bin (instead just shoving it in your gob à la that Sex and the City episode where Miranda panic-devours a giant “I love you” cookie). Was this really a joke?

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