Is There A Drought-Friendly Way to Eat Beef?

Shutterstock, via Grist

Shutterstock, via Grist

Basically, no.

For such a peaceful, dewy-eyed creature, the cow sure can whip up a bale-ful of confusion, controversy, and passion. Some of us want to eat beef, and we point to scientific studies proving this is a good idea; others just as vehemently don’t want to eat beef, and point to research of their own. Opinions on this matter tend to be loud and fiery. This can be especially difficult for thoughtful people like yourself, who understand the benefits of a largely plant-based diet but also indulge in carnivorousness from time to time. I won’t beat around the bush here: The best practices for beef-eating are far from clear. But let’s talk it out, shall we?

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