Photo via Flickr user Quinn Dombrowski, via Munchies
Photo via Flickr user
Quinn Dombrowski, via Munchies

BeerDeCoded may be the solution to easing your pre-hangover drinking woes and possibly even saving you money. Conceived by Gianpaolo Rando, a Swiss-Italian chemist and ardent beer-lover, BeerDeCoded aims to sequence over 100 different beers’ DNA in the hopes of producing a smartphone app that will function like a genetic sommelier—enabling consumers to find the right beer based on their own hereditary makeup.

Currently, BeerDeCoded is launching a Kickstarter campaign with the goal of raising money to recruit the scientists needed to sequence the DNA of over 100 beers. The sequencing includes conducting biochemical analyses in order to identify key components of each beer—from their particular brewing processes to their distinctive flavors, and even their aftertastes. With this information, the BeerDeCoded team will be able to create a genomic tree that sorts different beers into different branches. The main goal is to create a smartphone app that can recommend which beer is the right match for individual based on his or her ancestry.

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