How To Make American School Lunches More Like Japanese School Lunches


No longer cloistered in the cafeteria, school lunch is everywhere. It’s on television. In the newspapers. On the internet. Even BuzzFeed. It’s gone national—international, even. Delving deeper into the subject will lead to authors and eaters that refer to Japan as pinnacle of school lunch providers: the country has one of the freshest, most seasonal, most healthy, and—honestly—most aesthetically appealing programs available. Yet, as amazing as the Japanese school lunch system appears, wholesale duplication just isn’t possible in the United States. The U.S. has a whole myriad of problems to deal with before getting anywhere close to the Japanese model. All is not lost, however. Even without ideal ingredients, specially-trained servers, or a system and policy on par with Japan’s, schools in the U.S. (and worldwide) can apply aspects of the Japanese curriculum—now.

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