Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Will Remove Artificial Preservatives and Synthetic Colors, What Will Be Left?

photo via Modern Farmer.

photo via Modern Farmer.

After a prolonged battle with public opinion (and one particular besieged activist who goes by the name The Food Babe), Kraft is reworking its recipe for its iconic Macaroni & Cheese to remove artificial preservatives and synthetic colors.

Kraft’s blue-boxed Mac & Cheese is a beautiful distillation of the past century of American cuisine, a classic, arguably home-grown dish beloved by none other than Thomas Jefferson that mutated into a strange, soupy, neon-orange, shelf-stable packaged good. (It is also eaten in Canada, where it’s known as Kraft Dinner, or KD). But it’s about to undergo a substantial change, which may or may not be noticed by anyone at all: the artificial preservatives and synthetic colors are being removed.

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