Gotham on a Plate: Food and NYC – Provisioning City Plates: The Rural Urban Nexus


Provisioning City Plates: The Rural Urban Nexus

In the last year the “Rural Urban Nexus” has become part of UN discourse on sustainable urbanization. The reasons for the interest in the dynamic relationship between urban and rural landscapes are diverse and about much more than the flows of goods, services, people and capital needed to feed cities. Parallel to the “rise” of the Rural Urban Nexus there has also been a new global development around “City Region Food Systems” or CRFS that has engaged cities around the world with UN agencies, national and local governments, nongovernmental and civil society organizations and philanthropy. The panel assesses these processes and discusses their future developments.

Moderator: Thomas Forster

Featured Panelists: 

Karen Karp

Steve Rosenberg

Maurizio Mariani

Beth Forster

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