Gotham on a Plate: Food and NYC – Peopling Gotham’s Plate: Food and Immigrant Communities


Peopling Gotham’s Plate: Food and Immigrant Communities

Ever since the Dutch set foot in Manhattan, Gotham’s plate has reflected culinary influences from the homelands of immigrants. The bounty of New York has also changed the food habits of the different groups. Relatively cheap and plentiful meat has greeted all newcomers and changed food patterns for many new arrivals. The regional cuisines of some groups are now seen as essential New York food—witness the bagel and pizza. Some of the most recent arrivals’ food carries an air of the exotic Other, with heady, as-yet unfamiliar aromas wafting from street carts in the outer boroughs.


Cathy Kaufman

Featured Panelists:

Hasia Diner

Simone Cinotto

Anne Mendelson

Farha Ternikar

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