Eggs In Spring: A History

Photograph by Rebecca Hale, NGM Staff, via The Plate

Photograph by Rebecca Hale, NGM Staff, via The Plate

Have you ever wondered why eggs are everywhere this time of year?  I mean, yes, there’s Easter.  But eggs have been symbolic of spring for a long time.  As far back as the ancient Romans, eggs symbolized new life and reproduction.  March is named after Mars, the Roman god of agriculture (and war, but this is a food blog).  March was actually thefirst month in the Roman calendar, because it marked the beginning of farming season.

The official beginning of spring is the vernal equinox, at least for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. But eggs are a big part of spring celebrations all over the world (incidentally, that rumor that you can balance an egg on the equinox-not true.) Even though eggs are pretty universally tied to spring, there are all kinds of egg-sellent (only egg pun, I promise) ways of celebrating spring around the world, symbolically and gastronomically.

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