TIE Poet of the Month: ‘1980’ by Jen Huh


always after six letters he drops words and breaks
through sky and sweeps sand with city feet baring
water yet warm like low June moon passing after
dinner seconds filling month tripling to summer
licking double scooped ice cream cone switching
mouths from father to son from daughter to father
from chocolate to butter pecan from pistachio to
strawberry dirtying chins and dripping along fingers
before the end bites of sugar cones before tongue
reaches last taste before corner of his white cotton
handkerchief dips lake and wipes sweet from loved
mouths before mother knows what eats that stains
our shirts before other summers return before this
does not start again before this ends

Photo credit: Saverio Truglia

Photo credit: Saverio Truglia

Jen Huh is an artist, designer, and poet, whose practice focuses on concept development and blending humor, text/typography, fine arts and product design. Jen has earned an MFA Degree in Creative Writing with a concentration in Poetry from the New School and has worked as a teaching artist in the New York public schools. She currently works as the Assistant Director of Advising, guiding students in the BFA programs at Parsons The New School for Design.

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