Candy Bites Back: Injuries Resulting From Excessive Candy Consumption

Photo via Flickr user Steven Depolo

Photo via Flickr user Steven Depolo

Our parents cautioned us that if we ate too much candy all of our teeth would fall out. Or we’d get a headache, or stay up too late, or get bacne. But there are some candy-related injuries that we weren’t warned about that are a hell of a lot scarier than any of the above.

Have you ever gone to see the latest rom-com and opted for the big pack of Sour Patch Kids just for yourself, knowing full well that there were thousands of sharp little sour flavor crystals contained therein, and found after the movie that the entire inside of your mouth felt like it got a thorough scrubbing from a belt sander? Then you may have come close to experiencing the horrific chemical burn that recently befell an Australian boy after he went to town on some Warhead Juniors Extreme Sour candies.

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