FreshPaper, A Dryer Sheet For Produce


via Modern Farmer

U.S.-born Kavita Shukla first visited her grandmother in India when she was 12 years old. Early in her stay, she mistakenly swallowed a glass of unfiltered water while brushing her teeth. Worried her granddaughter would get sick, Shukla’s grandmother made her a mixture of murky brown spices and water and gave it to her to drink. Shukla never became ill. “I was so amazed,” says Shukla, “that something so simple could keep me from getting sick.”

She’s been thinking about it ever since. And in 2010, Shukla invented FreshPaper, an organic sheet of paper infused with a mixture of spices — including fenugreek — said to ward off bacteria and keep produce fresh up to four times longer. “Basically, it’s a dryer sheet for produce,” says Shukla, who found an audience for FreshPaper at local farmers markets.

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