Say Goodbye to the Cinnamon Snail

Since the Cinnamon Snail launched five years ago, New Yorkers have lined up for the truck’s vegan offerings. Its crème-brûlée doughnuts and maple-mustard-tempeh sandwiches appealed to even the most die-hard carnivores, but what made the operation most special was the man at the heart of it: founder and chef Adam Sobel — who seemed thrilled to introduce people to his eclectic food while maintaing an always-sunny disposition.

But, behind the pleasant demeanor, operating a food truck has never been easy for Sobel. On Saturday, he announced via Facebook that he’s halting operations at the end of the month, once his permit expires. We reached out to Sobel to find out how he came to this decision, why the city’s laws make food trucks unsustainable, and what’s next for him.

Read the interview on Grub Street.

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