A Really Good Use For Twitter: Nihilist Arby’s

Twitter is loving Nihilist Arby’s, which began as a fake-brand-style account on Jan. 14. And if you don’t mind a whole lot of absurdist death and doom in your humor, you may enjoy its tweets, too.

While it’s unclear who is authoring the messages for the handle—that person hasn’t stepped forward—data from Simply Measured shows his or her antics are working unusually well. In fact, Nihilist Arby’s is getting a better engagement rate than the real Arby’s. (The fast-food chain definitely can shine with real-time Twitter marketing. Scroll down to see the brand’s notable work Tuesday night, when Jon Stewart revealed he was leaving The Daily Show.)

According to Simply Measured, during the last four weeks, Nihilist Arby’s has gotten a 113 percent per-follower engagement rate. This means each post from the abyss-obsessed account is getting at least one favorite or retweet per follower. Nihilist Arby’s has built up 13,000 followers in less than a month, and its tweets regularly get hundreds of retweets, essentially unheard of for even the biggest brands.

Read the rest on Adweek. Feature image via Grub Street.

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