New York City: Get Ready for an All-Breakfast-Sandwich Restaurant

Photo: Melissa Hom, via Grub Street.

Photo: Melissa Hom, via Grub Street.

The shop will be located at 148 Eighth Avenue and the plan is for it to stay open late (proposed hours are 7 a.m. to 2 a.m.). Also important: The owner — who is pretty awesomely named Jessica Bologna — has applied for a license to serve alcohol. And, because it is the year 2015, BEC won’t just turn out run-of-the-mill deli-style sandwiches. Instead its $7 namesake sandwich will reportedly arrive on custom-baked brioche; a “Farmhouse” option might include honey, pancetta, and fig jam; and the “Greeky Roman” pairs lamb sausage with feta cheese.

Read the rest on Grub Street.

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