Foodnews 11.11.14 Peas2


Once upon a time, peas were tough as nails.

The origin of the primal pea is a mystery. The pea is a food plant so ancient that no one is sure, botanically or geographically, just where it came from. According to Chinese legend, the pea was a find of the Emperor Shen Nung(the “Divine Farmer”), a helpful agricultural deity who also introduced the people to the hoe, the plow, the calendar, acupuncture, and tea. According to the Norse, peas arrived as a punishment from the god Thor, who sent dragons toting peas to fill up the wells of recalcitrant worshippers. Later, once peas had caught on, Thor, when displeased, dispatched dwarves to plunder the pea fields.


To read the full story please visit the National Geographic’s The Plate.

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