by Stacey Harwood

kitchen vixen: These were delicious. I made them over the weekend for my husband’s game night. I made them the day before, then skimmed the fat before reheating.  Then I served them with a big bowl of white rice and some spicy greens.  For dessert, I made chocolate chip cookies.  Everything was yummy and my husband was really happy.  Plus, his team won.  Can I take credit for that? 🙂

Alison: Awesome recipe!  Can’t wait to try it.

Lusty_locavore I made this too and it turned out great although I had to hit three stores before I could find the chestnuts. (Thank you Trader Joes!) Plus after I served it I realized I had forgotten the garnish but nobody noticed.  Deeeeelish!

MessyKitchen I followed the recipe exactly but for some reason the sauce was disappointingly thin even after letting it reduce for an hour so I mixed some arrowroot with water and added it and that seemed to help a lot but there were lumps so I put it in the blender.  It was OK but I don’t think I’ll make it again.

Grill king  That’s too bad MessyKitchen. I wonder what you did wrong. Maybe you added too much water at the beginning or didn’t have enough bones for collagen to thicken it up.  I’m just sayin’.  Mine were great.

LuvinSpoonful I went to that restaurant on my honeymoon!!!

LuvinSpoonful I went to that restaurant on my honeymoon!!!

LuvinSpoonful I went to that restaurant on my honeymoon!!!

CreativeCookie My ribs are braising as I write this and my hole house is fragrant with the smell of all of the lovely ingredients marrying together.  I am grateful to the cow for providing the beef for this dish, and to the earth for growing the vegetables and to the Koreans for providing the Kimchi and especially to the genius who thought to put all of these things together in one recipe.  Every time I make this dish I will think of this first moment and remember how special it is to try something new even if it doesn’t turn out right.

LuvinSpoonful  Sorry!! My comment didn’t show up LOL!!!

이 요리는 진정한 한국지 않습니다. 한국이 없거나 음식을 먹으면 이 이었습니다. 찾지 않는 것을 이런 종류의 음식을 한국의 테이블에 있습니다.

Oat_cuisine Hey y’all.  Has anyone tried making this recipe vegan? I’m having a dinner party and want to serve it but we don’t go near the red meats so . . . . Since the ribs are the only forbidden ingredient here I figured I just ask.

Frugal_but_ fab Maybe it’s just me but this recipe represents what I consider a great failing of this Website: a total disregard for the effort required to make this dish.  Who has time to shop for all of these ingredients, spend hours chopping and measuring, then a few more hours waiting for it to finish cooking?  I had to use nearly every pot and pan I own! What are we supposed to do while our hungry kids are waiting to eat?  And don’t get me started on how much every thing costs!  Tell me what am I supposed to do with the leftover dried anchovies now that I’ve used only one iota of the ginormous bag I had to buy?  Even if the end result was good, I won’t make it again. Please check out my cooking videos. (http://www.youtubewatch?v=t2dcsi &feature=related) I’m 16 years living in Cohoes. SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE!!!!!

Grill king Oat_cuisine, are you tripping?  I don’t know where to begin. It’s a recipe for short ribs as in beef, flesh, animal.  It would be sacrilege to make this vegetarian.

VeggieMama  Oat_cuisine I was wondering the same thing.  I suppose you could sub seitan for the beef and it would be OK.  Grill king, why don’t you back off. I happen to know that the site administrators have worked hard to make this a safe space for women of all kinds (eg LGBT) to comment without fear of being attacked.  You know the old saying “if you don’t have anything nice to say . . .”

Gotta_cook:  I made these but I didn’t have short ribs so I used some frozen lamb stew meat and I browned it in the oven first. I was worried that the sauce would be bland so I used some wine and then at the last minute decided to put in a couple of tablespoons of ketchup.  I accidentally doubled the chili powder and ended up taming it with sour cream for a kind of Austrian-Korean mash-up.  I skipped the scrambled egg garnish and served it with noodles.  I’ll def make it again!

Oat_cuisine:   Thank you VeggieMama.  Grill_king:  I’m guessing you’re a man and so naturally you would have to be critical.  Has it occurred to you how much of our limited resources are used up just to create one serving of beef?  Maybe you don’t care about our environment but others do. Plus, you obviously don’t have good manners.

Grill_king:  Oat_cuisine FYI I happen to be a biodynamic farmer and I not only raise my own beef but those eggs that are the garnish?  From my aracuana chickens. And the daikon? I had a buddy bring me seeds from Korea (where he was serving in Peace Core, btw) and I’ve got a bumper crop. So much for my carbon footprint.  Do you grow your own soy beans? Make your own tofu?

VeggieMama:  Well what do you know? Being a farmer doesn’t stop someone from being a jerk.  I guess you’re emitting as much gas as your cows to befoul not only the environment but our courteous discourse too.

Imostlylurk: Thought I would chime in here because as a high school chemistry teacher I happen to know something about this subject.  That study about the cow “emissions” ruining our environment has been mostly proven to be untrue. (They can’t possibly produce as much as my 5th period chem class LOL)

CreativeCookie: Please stop fighting.  It’s not OK. 

Cheap_ polo_shirts: I really enjoyed the quality information to your visitors for this blog. I’ve been browsing on-line greater than three hours as of late, but I by no means discovered any attention-grabbing article like yours. It is lovely value enough for me.

Grill_king:  Oat_Cuisine how observant of you to guess that I’m a man. Why else would I call myself Grill_KING?? I just called you out on a stupid comment.  You don’t have to get all offended and be a (insert “c” word)

Oat_Cuisine:  More proof that you’re a D*&^head.

Oat_Cuisine:  Sorry. That comment was meant for Grill_AHOLE. Everyone else I love you and thanks for the support.

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