A panel of Greenmarket farmers and climate change experts explore how climate, an unpredictable element, is shaping the food available in the local marketplace, and the ways that regional farmers are learning to adjust their practices to accommodate it.

You can’t predict the weather, but the weather predicts how a season’s crop will fare. What does a changing climate mean for small-scale, regional growers and our food supply? In recent years, storms have flooded acres of crops, and rising temperatures viagra canada have caused fruit trees to blossom early, impacting the fall harvest. Will a permanent shift in weather allow farmers to extend their growing season?

Panelists include:
– Beatriz Beckford, New School Faculty
– Sonali McDermid, NYU Faculty,
– Keith Stewart, Keith’s Farm.

This panel is moderated by Challey Comer, GrowNYC/FARMroots.


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