by Valeria Necchio

Cheese –milk, salt, starter culture, rennet. Four ingredients for endless results, shapes, aromas, flavors. What makes the difference is the intangible ingredient, the human element. Centuries of culture, traditions, secret recipes and know-how influence the future of the curd, whether it will be a Comte or a Parmigiano. When you taste real cheese, you taste a piece of that culture, of that place, of that genius.


Valeria Necchio graduated from the Unviersity of Gastronomic Sciences with a master’s degree in Food Culture and Communications. Based in London, cheesemonger for eight hours  a day and thinker for twenty-four, she is inspired by the food and traditions of the place she lives in, by seasonality, farmers and local markets. Believing in the “good food looks good” credo, her pictures celebrate the natural beauty of food and attempt to communicate flavors, culture and sense of a place, all in one image. 

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