Not only is it Labor Day weekend, but Brooklyn is about to be hit with some West Indian music and food!

Brooklyn’s West Indian population is second only to that in the Caribbean itself, and for one delicious day the sidewalks are crowded with stalls sporting deep fryers, kettle smokers and the flavors of home. Diners line up 20 deep for fried whiting and cod fritters; for jerk chicken, oxtail, beef patties, collards and callaloo; for rice and pigeon peas and plantains; for the chickpea-stuffed sandwich snacks called “doubles” and the curry-stuffed flatbreads called “roti”; for little bags of barbecue shrimp with heads and tails intact; and for coconut water, mango-lemonades and sweet, cold pink drinks made with red hibiscus flower known in the West Indies as “sorrel.” As summer sets, you eat it all on the side of the street—or better still, out of hand as you dance to the beat.

See more picture and read more, here at Edible Brooklyn!

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