Mother Jones caught up with the ever-present chef Marcus Samuelsson to discuss his goals of changing New York dining and his new book, “Yes Chef.”  As the intro reads:

Food, to Samuelsson, is about families, neighborhoods, and traditions—and about recombining them all in surprising ways. The chef is himself a cultural mash-up: Ethiopian by birth, Swede by upbringing, New Yorker by choice, with culinary training that involved “getting yelled at in English, German, French, and Spanish.” His new autobiography, Yes, Chef, recounts his remarkable journey (starting with his birth mother walking 72 miles, with her young kids, to get them treatment for tuberculosis). We sat down with Samuelsson in San Francisco after he joined MoJo staff and friends for what he described as “the best breakfast of my life.”

Read the interview, here.

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