A 2008 Australian commercial frightened consumers from “permeate, a watery by-product of milk processing made up of lactose, vitamins, and minerals that critics say was used to water down milk.”

But some are arguing that there is nothing to fear; the commercials were just an advertising strategy.

… Dr. Frank Sherkat, a milk and dairy expert at RMIT University in Melbourne, showed up…with a well-reasoned plea for common sense. Pura’s new marketing strategy, so his accusation goes, is no more than a gimmick that plays off public fears. Permeate, he says, is simply used to standardize protein and fat proportions, far from what the campaign would have you imagine is some kind of modern additive corrupting otherwise wholesome milk. Pura itself acknowledges, albeit quietly, that the truth is nowhere near as dire. Its website asks, “Is permeate bad?” and then answers its own question: “No.”

Read the complete Atlantic Health article here.

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