The article The Picky Eater Who Came to Dinner in today’s Fashion & Style section discusses the new trend of selective eating: no gluten, no lactose, nothing that can’t be killed with a stick… Addressing the importance of food choices in individual identity, Fabio Parasecoli points out the divisive affects of maintaining a strict diet.

Fabio Parasecoli, a native of Rome and the coordinator of food studies at the New School, worries that diverse diets can kill the pleasure of shared meals. “For me, food is very social, and I would never show up at someone’s place with Tupperware,” he said. “It’s difficult when dietary choices prevent people from fully participating in social life.”

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  1. Judith Weitz

    I was very enchanted with this article. I follow a semi restrictive diet, but totally agree about being open to differences in food concerns without judgement or expectations.
    Your article has encouraged me to find a course or class to exploremourmfood world today, something perhaps in food science

  2. Judith Weitz

    Can anyone suggest a school or center to take a non-degree class in food science.